Our Story

About Us

Rawan Pre-School provides your child with fun and unique environment for learning and play through the high-quality facilities and through our spacious indoor and outdoor areas.

We chose to be different in our approach to teaching and learning by being the first “The Leader in Me” Pre-School in Bahrain where children are given all the necessary support to become happy and successful future leaders.

We have also got the best of both worlds Providing quality British E.Y.F.S Education with the latest teaching methodologies in addition to incorporating Bahrain’s rich culture heritage and language.

Our Pre-School readiness program helps children to engage and benefit from early learning experiences that best promote their success.

Our Vision

Children who live by the values of virtue and the love of knowledge. Who are proud of their identity, and are capable of building a brighter future using their talents.

Our Mission

We aim to raise a happy and healthy generation of children who are proud of their identity, and represent the values of greatness, love, and peace. A generation of children who through their talents will make a distinct difference in a safe and prosperous future.

Our Values ​​at "Rawan”

We teach children to respect differences, celebrate diversity, and learn to be tolerant.
We accept all of our children’s talents no matter how different or challenging and help them reach their potential.
We strive to enhance the uniqueness of each child, focusing our attention on creating a balance between their mind and feelings to raise happy children who feel whole and in harmony with themselves and those around them.
We connect our children to their dreams by discovering their talents and helping them develop and grow to use their skills to achieve great things.
We nurture our children to be strong, responsible, present humans; ones who live with strong values, who use their mind, and develop their talents for a better future.

Explaining our logo

It is a toy beloved by children; made by their own hands to play with on a windy day, to run around and enjoy watching them spin. A Pinwheel that is reduced in the folds of the bright colours of its paper, invoking memories of childhood fun.

At Rawan we chose the Pinwheel as our symbol to express our philosophy on childrearing: connecting the origins of the past with the modernity of the present, preserving the link between the roots and branches.

At Rawan we kept the three basic colours on our Pinwheel logo to symbolize our focus on three fundamental aspects in building a child’s personality: passion for knowledge, pride of identity, love for values. As for the fourth colour, it is what sets Rawan apart by giving special attention to the talent of the child, and the introduction of programs dedicated to discovering and developing his/her talents in order to build a brighter future.

We chose a Pinwheel with a fixed stem but moving fan, to symbolize the areas which garner special attention in childrearing: instilling fixed values for children to uphold wherever they go, while teaching them to apply these values in modern ways.

Rawan’s Pinwheel logo symbolizes our belief in the value of difference and the creativity it creates, which when spun creates a completely new and unique colour as a result of all the different colours mixing. This represents all the colours of our children and teaches them tolerance and respect, creating a healthy and diverse environment for them to grow up in.

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