Arabic Curriculum

Arabic Language Curriculum for Level I and II (My Language of Joy)

This series consists of three books for each stage: a student book, activity book and a teacher’s guide. These three books are designed to complement each other so that they serve to build lessons for each stage.

The student book contains 8 modules, each module includes several lessons, each of which presents one character.

The International Curriculum Foundation has ensured that the books of these two stages are as family-friendly as possible, so that children can interact and achieve the educational goals contained in them. In order to achieve this, the books showed two delightful childish characters who live with family members: (bul bul) in the primary stage and (katkoot) in the kindergarten books, both of which help make educational material closer to the hearts and minds of children.

Kindergarten books prepare the child for primary entry by incorporating a variety of writing activities that enable children to master basic language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Arabic Language Curriculum for Level 3 (Ministry of Education Curriculum)

In addition to the curriculum adopted by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain allocated to the third level.

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