Our Philosophy

At Rawan, we see every child as a unique individual, and we are committed to care, nurture, and cater to their individual needs. We employ the most qualified staff and train them, develop our own curriculum, and are constantly adjusting our procedures based on the needs of the students.

At Rawan, we embrace our children with love, helping them find their place to shine. We do not encourage comparison, and do not measure their development with rigid standardization to inspire the belief that each child can make a difference based on his/her unique view and talent, which will shape the world in a different way.

At Rawan, we view learning as a life experience that the child lives through daily. By acquiring knowledge through playing and being a child, he/she is encouraged to develop mentally, and find his/her unique personality and independence. These life experiences help with deciphering the alphabet and learning their shapes, identifying numbers and their values, learning shapes and distinguishing colors. Through this they exercise the skills of communication, interaction, and sharing, which stimulates a lifelong love of learning.

At Rawan, we believe the child is the centrepiece of the educational process and the key participant. Children are encouraged to be curious and ask questions, challenge notions, learn from mistakes, and solve problems on their own with the tools we have given them. We believe that is the best way children grow and develop.

At Rawan, we prioritize evaluating children based on behavioural and ethical attributes over their educational level. The children are responsible for their behaviour: to be kind, compassionate, respectful, and always uphold good values.

At Rawan, we choose curriculums and subjects that contribute to shaping a bright future for our children. We equip them with tools that prepare them to face the challenges of the future and focus on concepts of responsibility and independence. This promotes self-confidence, sound thinking, creativity and instils the foundations of leadership.
At Rawan, we value the preservation of a child’s identity: his character, personality, language and values. All these give each child a special imprint in life, which does not dissolve over time and does not fade with friends. Instead, it mingles, shares, harmonizes and integrates with others.
At Rawan, we believe that each child is born with a special talent. We work to discover their talents early on to help launch their skills and self-confidence as they grow to benefit themselves and everyone around them and become a source of inspiration.

At Rawan, we believe that no child is without talent. Our definition of talent extends beyond a beautiful voice, a skilled painter, or a mathematical wizard. It encompasses emotional intelligence, social skills, a sense of humour and ease of attitude. In some it manifests in the form of athletic or physical capabilities, or other human qualities, and our job is to discover and develop them for the good of our children.

At Rawan, taking care of a child’s talent helps him/her gain the skills and confidence needed to realize their full potential” so we work to recognize his/her talents to open new opportunities in life.
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